circular system

Where do we want to go?
We are working towards a circular system of new and used collections with multiple users.

How does this work?
Did your child wear our jumpsuit with pleasure but they have now grown up and no longer fit into anymore? Then we have good news! You can send the jumpsuit back to us. At Rabbit Hole we inspect the jumpsuit, after which it is either washed and repaired for entry into our used collection or we recycle the materials into new products. We closely follow the developments in the field of sustainability. We are aware that we are striving for a big dream and we will do everything to make this reality. During the start-up of our company, we commissioned a market survey. Two "profile mothers" emerged there. We have called them, for clarification, Isabelle & Nina.



We are still in a test phase and would love your help! In the test phase we would like to show you what happens when we take a used romper back. Follow the cicle with us so you can see how it works for you as well as for Rabbit Hole.
You & Rabbit Hole can ensure as little waste as possible and a clean future for all children. What more can you want for your little one?

Woud you like to become one of our testers? Or do you want to know more about our circular system? Leave your details and we will contact you.

What does it look like in the future?
After the used collection is worn by a few children, we can use the cotton to make beautiful felt. With this felt can make baby shoes, a nice diaper bag or other products.